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I have to give a shout out to Kate's cafe in the shopping center across from Supervalu.

Lovely no nonsense food.

Can't go wrong with the fry and coffee when I'm hungover.

Nice quick service, reasonable prices and a good feed.

I'm always in the market for a Sunday cafe to stuff my face in so chuffed to have it.
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I'll second that.
It's a great facility to have in the village.

its definately handy.

I only wish they would do fresh scones and muffins. I would be in there every second day if they did!

and yes, I did suggest it in the past
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Yes its the only cafe in the village.. ;) I find it a bit drab myself but maybe my standards are too high :D
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Think the coffee shop in the community centre is better. Ollie always has fresh cakes and scones.
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Dubgirl wrote:Think the coffee shop in the community centre is better. Ollie always has fresh cakes and scones.
The cakes and scones are better there alright, but the rest of the food is better in kate's I think.
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Actually, I find the quality of their food really very good for a supermarket café.

Beyond the scones and fry-ups, you should try their chicken curry, which is really creamy and the rice perfectly cooked.

Anytime they do a pasta special it is always done really well also - restaurant standard.
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been in there for breakfast, very reasonable
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Great place for breakfast or cup of coffee
The Samaritan
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Best breakfast in the village .simple and tasty and worth the not so bad price .
Coffee or Cappuccino not always great .they tend to burn the coffee .but that's just the Samaritan's view
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