Dungeons and Dragons 101 - August - Gauging Interest

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I'm local, teaching council registered for English and Spanish teaching with plenty of classroom experience, and an experienced DM.
I'm currently trying to gauge interest in a couple of weeks of an online Summer programme for D&D in August. I want to run 3 weeks with 2 age groups - 12-13, 14-15, and 16-17. Would be 5 days, 3hr sessions, €100 total.

D&D is not only accessible to fans of fantasy, but anyone who loves stories (whether those be TV, movies, books, videogames...) and team games! It is a fantastic tool to develop mental math and interpersonal skills such as communication, teamwork, improvisation and trust, as well as fostering creativity and thinking outside of the box.

I would love to see if there is an interest in the area, and as such would appreciate if people could share the below survey link with parents of young people interested in stories/storytelling, fantasy, or trying something new!

https://forms.gle/uBbiqi5Ay5BAcVCL6 - the previous link was broken i fixed this one!
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