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Who are SPDD and what are they doing? Check out our latest video. And remember to like the facebook page:

and follow us on twitter: @SPDD17

Youtube page https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cOjxCD3Acs
SPDD recognises the need for housing and wishes for development in Donabate to be carried out in a sustainable way that enhances and reflects the needs of a growing community. @SPDD17
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Thanks for the video, and for the work you're doing to fight for what should be the obvious, but unfortunately isn't.

An article in todays Independent shows that Fingal Co. Co. have been tasked by the government to build 408 social houses in 2018.

Anyone know what happens if they don't hit this target?
Would they be under pressure to simply approve developments just to reach the target?

https://www.independent.ie/irish-news/n ... 23135.html
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This is a joke. Fingal over 400 and Leitrim 23.

* If Beresford delivers 10% social housing of 400 houses there will be more social housing in Beresford than the entirety of Leitrim.

* If the apartment blocks beside the train station are housing 46 social houses, that is twice the amount than the entirety of Leitrim.

* Ballamstone development of 1,000 houses -> that will end up being more social housing than any other local authority in Ireland
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Any more happening here? Just wondering if SPDD met with local councillors.
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