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All your jokes here - try and keep it relatively clean!
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This guy goes to the doctor he has really bad sun burn..
So the doctor looks at it and writes a prescription..
As the guy is leaving the surgery he looks at the prescription and notices its for viagra..
He says to the doctor "viagra" how will that help my sunburn..
The doctor says "It will keep the sheets off you at night time" :lol:
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Not bad. I'm sure many will agree that it's a step up from my jokes :D

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A pirate walks into a bar with a steering wheel shoved down the front of his trousers.
"Aaaargh matey! This is driving me nuts!"


A toothless termite walks into a pub and asks the lounge boy: "Where's the bar tender?"
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I got this new after shave with breadcrumbs in it.

Seems weird at first but I've got to say, the birds love it.
Yours Sincerely, JPX
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