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i've been a paid up member of st pats for the past 9 years and have contributed in many ways to the club as has my husband who has been a coach for many years.
for the past year or more on many communications received from st pats there seems to be pressure put on members to sign up to an additional 250 eur per year via the cc250 scheme.

for example in the latest newsletter thanks was again given to those who are signed up to the cc 250 without whom the astro wouldnt be possible.
what this is saying to me is that ordinary members arent contributing anything and its only because of cc250 that the club is getting all these new facilities. this is just one example of a long list where cc250 members are being hailed as saviours of the club.

i havent signed up for cc250 because with 4 kids i pay out many thousands a year for various clubs and activities. i wont be signing up to cc250 no matter how much pressure is put on.
i think it's time Pats thought about the communications that are being sent out and the content within. i'm no snowflake and in the grand scheme of things i realise how minor this is, but it's been on my mind for a few months now. this has also been noticed and discussed by other members.
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Yeah, felt that pressure too. Was called over by a coach during training from the sideline and asked in front of other parents if I was signing up. Could have hit this particular guy. It should be remembered who the hard sell is being put on.
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