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A Beverton resident here, just wondering has anyone had their window handles fixed? If so can you provide the name and number please? We have three that are broken now that need to be fixed.
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Also live in Beverton and had to replace a handle back in 2020 - same window as you it seems

I contacted (who installed the windows - see sticker on the inside of the window when you open it to confirm) and sent them a couple of pics, the address and when it was installed. They went through their records and and although didint have an identical handle at the time, they had one that was extremely similar (so close you wouldnt really notice) and they posted it out. Cant recall the cost. What they sent out fit perfectly.

There is also a number you can call - see

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Thank you for that Phil, very much appreciate 👍🏻
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We had the same and I picked up some replacements from Really easy to replace (I'm no handyman but was able to do it easily :D). I got the ones with a number of different spindle lengths included and make sure to use the same screws from your existing handles as it makes it easier in the long run. ... rome/5802g
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